Advanced steel mountain bikes, built in the USA

Hello, We’re Apogee, a small and independent west coast mountain bike company with a ride as smooth as you can get without paving the trail.

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Apogee One (In Development)

Currently in development and coming to MADE 2024, this uniquely shaped and carefully crafted bike brings together an advanced suspension module and a handmade steel frame to create a trail bike designed to carve out the smoothest lines on Earth.

Key features & tech

The FFM is a beautifully, precision-machined marvel

Our Free-Float Module (FFM) brings the Apogee One’s suspension pivots into a compact, beautiful, precision-machined assembly that keeps the center of gravity low for that on-rails cornering feel. We use Enduro MAX Hit Bearings in every pivot to keep our corner-carving suspension running smooth for seasons to come.

DuoFrame design makes for the best ride quality

Separating frame and suspension means we can tune the size and response of the front and rear triangles without affecting the suspension giving your Apogee One an unparalleled fit and a ride like no other steel mountain bike out there.

  • The Radavist — Best Mountain Bike Innovation

    “Apogee takes all of the complex, hard to make parts of a frame and brings them all into a single precision-machined assembly, reducing the height of your center of gravity, centralize the mass of the frame, and give you plenty of space for water bottles or a honkin’ framebag.”

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  • BikeRumor — MADE Show 2023 Best of Show

    “The Apogee Module packages all of the suspension components very low on the bike, keeping the center of gravity rail-ably low.”

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Tested on earth and in the lab

Separating frame and suspension means we can make more sizes to better fit more riders. And, we can tune the response of front and rear triangles in more detail to make the Apogee ride like no other steel mountain bike.

Where we're headed

The steps in making the Apogee One a reality are the first of hopefully many to come as we continue to learn and develop future concepts.

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