About Us

We’re Apogee, an independent west coast bike company


Apogee is a west coast mountain bike brand dedicated to meticulous design and construction of unique metal mountain bikes with an anchored-to-the-trail feel.

Our full suspension trail bike, the Apogee One is made in the USA, features our innovative Free-Float Module (FFM) suspension, and DuoFrame frame design for a ride that’s smooth as you can get without paving the trail.

We blend our passion with humble hard work to express how a bike could be built and change the way people think about modern mountain bikes.


We founded Apogee Bikes as a creative outlet for designs and ideas to preserve the spirit of innnovation.

We saw an opportunity to create handmade full suspension mountain bikes, not limited by antiquated construction techniques, so we committed to developing a one-of-a-kind suspension platform and riding experience.

By combining innovative engineering with our dedication to the ride experience, our bikes are tailored and tested to match riders needs with the utmost care and precision.

As we grow our brand and company, we remain dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers, creating a beneficial working environment for our employees, and giving back to our local cycling communities.

  • Will Hilgenberg

    Head of Design — Mechanical design and engineering leader with 10+ years experience rooted in the cycling industry including innovative designs for Ibis, Specialized, Praxis, and Bell/Giro.

  • Collin Huston

    Head of Operations — Former Apple and Google manufacturing engineer with 10+ year experience in global scale, high precision product development, specializing in CNC machining.

  • Jake Webski

    Head of Marketing — Team and business leader with 15 years building innovative businesses and brands in consumer tech and outdoors including Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, Sonos, Red Bull, Levi’s, GoPro, and REI.

  • Andrio Abero

    Head of Brand — Award-winning executive creative leader and designer with over two decades of experience creating integrated brand experiences, and effective digital design systems including long-term engagements with Nike and Specialized Bikes.

  • Henry Nadell

    Creative Director — Highly creative brand and digital designer, Fort Lewis Grad and former professional mountain biker for Construction Zone Racing: 5th at USA Professional Mountain Bike National Championship 2021 (STXC).